Em decides to warm yall up with some bars over Drake’s “Over” & Lloyd Bank’s “Beamer, Benz or Bentley” .. And DAMN did he go in! .. Artist’s please don’t touch these beats anymore, Thank you ..


Alright, This time Po goes in over Drake & Alicia’s records .. This man is four records in and not ONE can you play all the way through .. Def Jam really signed this guy for a million? .. *Shrugs* .. Try to enjoy ..


Alright so like I said earlier, this beat is about to get attacked by hundreds of Emcees .. But ROYCE, i’ve been waiting for him to get on this .. He did exactly what I expected KILLED it .. I really don’t know if anyone else should attempt to go in over this ..

Link via Royce’s Twitter

Royce Da 5’9 – Over (Freestyle)

I thought i’d post this for you to enjoy .. Before thousands of other MC’s attack this beat .. This is a very dope remix .. Noah brings you not only 2 new verses but a new hook as well ..

Noah Jones – Over (Freestyle)