So Wizzle man FINALLY decides to drop the long awaited Kush & Orange Juice .. Get your Kush (Roll up, Light up) .. Grab a carton of Orange Juice .. And sit back and enjoy this mixtape .. I know I will, So you better to .. Hit the jump for the back cover and tracklist .. Taylor Gang or Swallow a fuggin Porcupine quill .. You CREEP!


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Wizzle man talks about his tour, upcoming projects and also let’s you know when you can expect “Kush & Orange Juice” …

Wizzle man gives us an update on his latest release “Kush & Orange Juice” .. Is he hinting a possible release on Saturday or Sunday ?? Who knows, I guess we will just have to wait and see ..

Update: Wiz just said the tape will NOT be dropping saturday on his Twitter ..

Yet ANOTHER day in the life of Wizzle Man .. Kush & Orange Juice (Coming Soon) .. POW!

Wiz Khalifa Interview (Video)

February 28, 2010

Wizzle man speaks about Kush & Orange Juice, Deal or No Deal Tour & More ..

Wizzle man happened to be on U-Stream earlier today and played a few records off “Kush & Orange Juice” .. I ripped the audio for you all, I have no clue what these songs are actually going to be titled .. So I gave it my best shot to name them .. Enjoy

Ohhh Yeahhh
She Never Been
Out Here Livin It
I’m Gonna Get It ft. Killa Kyleon

Kush[Koosh, Kuhsh] x Orange Juice[awr-inj, joos]

– A formula founded in Canada, used to properly center ones chi, start ones day, or simple ease the mind

Synonyms – Wake & Bake; Fruits and Vegatables; The morning after

Wiz Khalifa – Fly

February 20, 2010

This is a low quality rip .. But it is off Kush & Orange Juice .. Get ready ..

Wiz Khalifa – Fly

If you didn’t already know, Wiz is acutally on tour promoting his new album “Deal or No Deal” which you can get HERE .. The video above is Wiz performing “B.A.R.” at Wayne State University in Detroit .. If you are trying to catch Wiz on tour, hit the jump for tour dates .. And remember, Kush & Orange Juice (Coming Soon) ..

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Something off “Deal or No Deal” which is in stores now ..

Note: Kush & Orange Juice (Coming Soon)