Hmmm .. #WhereIsMrStoned .. The Chronicles Of Mr. Stoned (Swisher & Suites) Ode To Rillos .. Dropping sometime next week ?? But don’t quote me .. How would I know ?? Haha

Peeuuummm .. And we’re back just like that with another edition to “Movies On Planes”, But this time we linked up with Spaz The Great who did all the beat picking .. This mixtape includes production from Madlib, Black Milk, DJ Premier, Oddisee, Steez & More .. The back cover is after the jump .. And I also included 2 bonus tracks .. Peeeuuummmm!

Continental T. – Movies On Planes (The Red Eye Edition)

Noticed (Bonus)
North London (Bonus) (Prod. by Jape)

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This EP is something i would have liked folks to have got to hear. I’ve been workin on the album and a lot of other projects just grindin up, but this here.. is a breather.. i smoke out to it you should too.. tellin continental flight attendants ” more apple juice please”… ” who fly more than i ? ” Truth presents Continental T (Movies.On.Planes) my mannns flint said it makes no sense at all!… soon sooon.. shouts out to everyone whose dope as dope, and understands dope when they hear it!!!!


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