Method Man, Ghostface Killa & Raekwon – Wu-Massacre (Tracklist)

February 17, 2010

According to the good folks at RR, This is the official tracklist for the album we have all been anticipating .. Only 13 tracks? Mehhhh .. W.e. I’m sure that all 13 tracks are BANGERS! .. Make sure to pick this album up on March30th! Hit the jump for a track by track review ..

1. Criminology 2.5

Scarface samples. 09 style. Flip original “Why Marry” sample. “Every day’s a Sunday Easter”. Shallah first verse. Here comes Ghost. “1000 Grams in Deleware”. “Rap TJ Swann, It’s me Ason”. Ghost third verse too. Drums is hard! “Escape my slums you got talent”. Finally, Mr. Meth on fourth verse. “Ain’t tryin’ to catch another case. Case closed”

2. Meth vs Chef

This leaked. “I bet this never happened to Jay-Z”. Ha! Extra Rae verse?

3. Ya Moms Skit

End part of leak. “Feedin ‘em 2010″

4. Smooth Sailing Remix ft. Solomon Childs

Dope beat. Guest on hook: “They’ll be nuthin’ but smooth sailing”. “I don’t catch colds I catch feelings”—Meth. Deck’s on this too. He sounds diff. “Walk hard like a criminal holdin’ my penis”. No Rae?

5. Our Dreams

The single. Fresh shit. MJ Rest in Peace.

6. Gunshowers ft. Deck & Cappa

Weird loop. I know I know this sample. Mef says, “Hate a nosy woman why you all up in my condom”. Give me my publishing? GFK: “Terminate faggots”. Don’t think next guy is Deck or Cappa. Now the Inspectah. “I’m gonna make a nigga dance even if I have to clap at his feet”. Clifford all over the hook.

7. Dangerous

Rae first. “Windbreaker jacket holdin’ my beer”. Woah-woah. Drums a tad choppy. Starks on hook. “I don’t want no dap, nigga”. “Crime stoppers the tips keep comin’ in”. Coles sounds angry. MM: “I stick with paper like thumb tacks”. “Ain’t tryin to get jammed with next man raisin’ his kids”.

8. Pimpin’ Chipp

More hardness. Ghost time. He got a story to tell. “Smell her perfume on every street corner”. Not mixed yet. Vocals too low. GFK still flowin’. No hook in sight. “He wanted to invite me to Chicago”. “Rest in Peace, poppi”. Pimp tale.

9. How To Pay Rent Shit ft. My Least Favorite Comedian

You should be fuckin’ your landlord.

10. Miranda

Mo’ Spanglish. This sounds dusty! Chef goin’ in. “Sexy Lexy”. Sample. Ghost. “Met her at the BET awards in Atlanta”. Meth mentions “Vanessa Del Rio”. “You act right and after tonight, I might keep ya”.

11. Youngtown Heist

Brother Starks leads off. More rumbling bottom. Some guest not listed. It’s Trife. Who’s next? Some Theodore Unit ish.

12. Breaka Breaka

Old school vibe. Brother Starks again. “Young boys feelin’ themselves”. Ballin’!!!! 2012. “It’s That Wu Shit” like “Make The Music”. Biz shit. What up, Fly Ty? All GFK? “Like J Holiday I want to put you to bed”. Method in “Empire State”. “Spectacular it’s the Massacre”.

13. Made Men

Rae goin’ in on critics. Ha. Don’t know next MC. Feels like a posse cut. “Lisa Stansberry?” Ha. Can’t ID next dude either. There’s a hook. Tical. “Look at Johnny with his old ass, I’m still schoolin’…” Cappa. “Rock the mic most definetly”. Rae comes in at end. “Hip-hop” chant.

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